You just had your big day, spent countless of hours in fitting rooms trying to find your dress for your exciting day creating countless memories with you and your husband/partner that will last a lifetime. A few weeks or months have now passed and you may find yourself looking at your dress thinking to yourself “Now what do I do with the dress?”. Here are four great ideas to help you make the best decision.



Save Your Dress As a Keepsakee

For some of us keeping the dress forever is just the thing to do! Sometimes we will go to the back of our closet and take out the dress we wore on special day thinking back to all the memories made with family and friends. Your dress may also be something you want to pass down to your daughter when she has her big day which may bring sentimental value to your dress.


Donate Your Dress

Once you had your special day, many of us may want the dress to go to better use again. You can donate your dress to a local thrift store where someone can have the opportunity to wear your beautiful dress at a cheaper cost. A non profit organization is also a good idea where you can give your dress to allow other woman to wear it and create their own memories.


Trash The Dress

Trash the dress for some is a great idea and seen as a memorable experience. This experience you do not need to worry about keeping your dress impeccably clean. The whole purpose is to have fun, trash the dress and make more memories. Some trash the dress ideas include a cake smash, diving in the ocean or a paint party. While partaking in this idea make sure you take tons of photos and videos to create more memories that will last a lifetime.


Create Something New

Looking at your dress and asking yourself what can I create from this stunning dress? Creating a small dress for your daughter can be be done or a christening gown where both son or daughter can wear is a good idea where your children are also in your dress from your special day in a whole other way creating a memory for them as well.


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