Wedding Dress Designs

When shopping for your wedding dresses, you will find so many different types that you might feel overwhelmed by all of the choices and the terminology.

Wedding dress designs are categorized by the type of silhouette that they create – the outline and shape that they give to your body. Once you know the basic silhouettes, and the ones you prefer, you can narrow your search for the perfect dress dramatically.

We use these classic silhouettes as a foundation and modify the dress design to create a garment that is even more eye-catching and flattering for the female form. These basic shapes are elevated to create a dress that is a work of art.

Wedding Dress Designs & Body Style


  • The A-line wedding dress design is so classic, timeless, and elegant that it is also sometimes called the princess dress. The top is fitted, often with a heart-shaped bodice, and the skirt flares out gently from the waist.

Ball Gown

  • A ball gown wedding dress design is similar to the A-line design but is more dramatic. You might think of it as the fairytale princess dress design. The waist is well defined and the skirt is very full.


  • The sheath dress design is very simple and sleek. It is a slim-fitting design that flows straight down from the neck to the toes. While it does not have any tailoring to emphasize curves, it does fit in such a way to allow the shape of the natural shape of the body to show. This dress design tends to look best on leaner, willowy frames.


  • You can probably guess from the name what the silhouette of a mermaid dress looks like. Yes, this dress fits snuggly to curves and flares out at the calves, creating a mermaid shape. This look tends to look best on taller women, as it can have a shortening affect.


  • A trumpet dress is similar to a mermaid wedding dress, but the flared portion of the skirt begins higher, often at or above the knee, but below the waist. This dress is a good choice if you like the style of the mermaid dress design, but you prefer a little more legroom for twirling and dancing on your big night.

Empire Waist

  • The empire waist dress raises the waistline of the dress to just below the bust. This creates a very soft and flattering affect, as it allows for a lot of flowing fabric and the natural waistline. This type of dress looks great on many different body types, especially those that do not have larger upper bodies.


  • Tea-length wedding dresses have hems that fall midway between the knee and the ankle. Many tea-length dresses have A-line silhouettes.


  • The above wedding dress design types are of course just broad generalizations of what is available. When you work with wedding dress designers such as Calla Blanche, you can browse wedding dresses that put new twists on these classic styles. Knowing the basic types will help you have a starting off point to use to find your own unique wedding dress.

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