Wedding Dress Trends of 2015

When getting inspiration for your dress, it can help to explore the current wedding dress trends.

While you should ultimately choose a dress that best represents your personality, makes you feel comfortable, and flatters your body shape, there may be options within the latest trends that suit your needs. Let’s take a look at just a few of the elements that have been prominent within dress designs throughout 2015.

Wedding Dresses 16112 (c)

Cassandra Wedding Dress Style #16112

Showing Off the Shoulder

An off-the-shoulder dress with a straight neckline provides a very feminine and classic silhouette. It is no wonder why these types of dresses are sought after, considering how well they accentuate the neck and shoulders, making brides feel like princesses on this very special occasion.

Adding Colour

While a white wedding dress is the traditional option, more and more women are opting for new hues. A popular choice this year has been to make the wedding dress be the “something new” and “something blue” at the ceremony. When choosing a wedding dress colour, many brides opt for lighter, softer colours, such as pastels, while others make a statement with bold, attention-grabbing colours.

Getting Creative with Textures

Whether or not you choose to get creative with the colour of your dress, you can still have a dress that is unique and on trend by playing with the texture. There has been an increase in the number of dresses made with unique textiles, often overlapping one texture over another. For example, it is not unusual to see designer wedding dresses on the runways that feature shoulder beading, overlays of tulle, or sheer sleeves. Some designers even have dress designs that feature leather or fringe.

Wedding Dresses 16115 (d)

Sadie Wedding Dress Stye #16115

Wearing Separates

Your wedding dress does not have to be a dress at all. You can incorporate the growing trend of the crop trop into your wedding day ensemble. Wedding dress designers are able to incorporate crop tops into very sleek, minimalist wedding designs. During cooler seasons, more brides are choosing to accessories with jackets and fur tops as well.

Daring V Necklines

When many people think of traditional wedding dresses, they imagine a heart-shaped bodice or another form of elevated neckline. This year, however, an emerging wedding dress trend has been the deep V neckline. This neckline, when crafted by a skilled wedding dress designer, can look extremely elegant, with clean, long lines that lengthen the bride’s silhouette.

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