Recently engaged and instantly spending all your time looking Wedding Dress trends over the Holidays? I hope you came across the stunning Spring 2018 Dresses as they are fabulous and are here to stay. Capes, Fringe, lace you name it! It is here and hot as ever.

The celebration of being engaged has come to the end and it is time to plan the big day.
Here is a list of seven easy ways to make your planning go a little more simpler than what you may have thought.

 Set a Date

The second you get engaged everyone will be bombarding you with questions such as when is the big day? Where is the reception? Who is your Maid of Honor?
In all reality you will not be able to set the special day until you have picked a location, a season or a special holiday you want your wedding to be associated with. The average engagement typically lasts 15 months so make sure you plan your special day accordingly with your vision in mind.

Pick a location that ties in with your vision

Before you plan your special day think to yourself what you are envisioning and what sort of vibe are you wanting to go for. Do you want a small wedding, large? Beach Wedding? Modern Wedding? Vintage? These are some of the things you want to try to figure out before you pick a location. To help you narrow it down get yourself some bridal magazines, search the web and online photos. Keep your eyes open for any inspiration that will help you plan your special day!

Have a Budget

Have a budget in mind before you start to make the big decisions. Finding out if any other family members are also contributing to the cost. Know the cost of anything before saying Yes to the purchase. Ask lots of questions, start with friends who recently got married, what unexpected costs did they encounter? What did they forget? Be realistic in your planning and think about what you truly must have vs would like to have.

Guest List

A guest list should be determined before looking for a location as you want to make sure your location fits all your guests. Ask both families for their lists as early as possible. Be prepared to have many discussions on these lists, keep in mind those contributing to the budget have earned a voice in the conversation. Remember more guests means larger costs!


Registering yourself with a store may seem overwhelming at first but do not worry it is not. It saves your guests from stressing out what to get you and it is something you will enjoy. Be sure to choose a wide range of price points to allow all of your guests an opportunity to get you something. Registering early is always best so your guests have plenty of time to see what is on your registry.

Hire Vendors if necessary

If you choose a location that does not have a set DJ or band make sure you have booked your entertainment well ahead of time as they get booked up quick. Also do not forget to choose your photographer well ahead of time as those photos will last a lifetime and photographers can be scheduled up to 3 years in advance.

Choose your Attire

Every girl dreams about this moment since the time they could remember. It is best to choose your dress after you have chosen your location and vibe so it all ties together. Choosing your dress should happen several months before the big day to leave plenty of time to order the dress and the alterations. To avoid stress try not to wait last minute to go dress shopping you can never be too early when ordering your gown, you can only be too late. Average order times run from 4-8 months, however many times faster deliveries are available, while rush orders can carry extra fees. Bridesmaids have slightly shorter delivery times coming in at 3-5 months, if you have a specific color in mind give yourself time! For the gentlemen in the party- if renting tuxedos timelines are much shorter and the range of options are endless! However many men opt to purchase suits and matching accessories, make sure to leave enough time for fit customizations.

Find Your Dress

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