A love story featuring OUR Brides in OUR Dresses!


Nicky met her significant other through mutual friends and became friends before they finally ended up getting together.



Nicky’s wedding was February 4th, 2017, so they have been married for one year now and together for seven.Nicky and her significant other are both practical people and had already been together for 5 years and had their daughter and decided to get married. It was really sweet!


Nicky’s Wedding took place at Sun Peaks, it was small and beautiful up at the mid mountain chapel with their family. It had snowed the night before so everything had this fresh dusting of snow and while they were doing pictures the clouds lifted and they ended up with amazing photos.


Nicky’s favourite memory was eating cake and getting some of the chocolate icing on her dress, Nicky still has not cleaned it out of her dress because every time she see’s it Nicky remembers how GOOD that cake was.


Nicky purchased the dress from Viva Bridal Boutique here in Kamloops


What made Nicky fall in love with her Calla Blanche Dress was at first Nicky was very frustrated looking for her dress because she had something very specific in mind, so Nicky’s Mom being frustrated with her dragged Nicky out to see if there was anything that she liked. Nicky walked into Viva Bridal and did a double take when she saw her dress hanging there because Nicky wasn’t sure if it was a two piece or not. Nicky felt as if she had almost died when she saw that it was! Nicky tried it on and fell in love because everything about it was what she wanted – the perfect lace crop top, the huge train on the high waisted skirt. Everything about it was amazing! It also allowed Nicky to put long john’s underneath, big fluffy socks and boots so she had stayed warm. Oh, and to make it better it had pockets! You have no idea how useful that was, lipstick touch up, gloves, phone!


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