A love story featuring Our Brides in Our Dresses!


Brooke and her Husband had met through friends. Brooke had been single for a little and was over the dating scene. Brooke had decided to branch out and start hanging out with different friend groups. She had first noticed her husband at a boat parade. The next weekend Brooke had gone up to lake arrowhead for the weekend and he was there. The whole weekend he kept flirting with her but never made any kind of move. The next weekend the same thing had happened. She couldn’t handle it any longer! The weekend after that Brooke was in Laguna Beach with some friends and they all had ended up in the same group again. She had a little bit too much to drink with her friends one night so Brooke had some liquid courage. Her Husband mike was talking to two girls at the bar. Brooke interrupted the two girls that Mike was talking to and she jokingly introduced herself to Mike. At that moment Mike knew he had Brooke. He said that she was hard to read. The two girls Mike was talking to that night walked away and Mike had kissed her! They were inseparable after that night. They went on their first date a week later and have been inseparable ever since.



Mike had popped the big question in Dana Point above Strands Beach. They were at one of Brooke’s best friends Wedding the night before she had caught the bouquet by coincidence. Brooke had known he was proposing sometime in 2017 but had no idea the day he would pop the question!


Earlier in the week Mike had asked Brooke if she wanted to go on a hike with him on Sunday. They love to going on hikes & adventure together so she didn’t think anything of it. After catching the bouquet at the wedding everyone had kept asking the both of them when they were getting engaged. Brooke’s Husband Mike did not tell anyone he was proposing except for their parents and family members.




Sunday morning quickly rolled around and after being at a wedding the night before with having a few drinks Brooke felt exhausted and didn’t want to go on this hike Mike had planned and asked her to go on earlier in the week. He really wanted to go! Brooke was not in the mood to go so she didn’t put any makeup on or even really brush her hair. They pulled up to the trail and Brooke had never been there before. Brooke’s husband is very outgoing but he was being kind of quiet. Brooke thought for a second something was up but then let that thought go. They stopped at a lookout point, Mike was not saying anything. Brooke had laid her head on him where Mike told her that he loves her and wants to spend forever with her. Mike then gets down on his knee and pulls out the most beautiful ring! Brooke doesn’t remember what he said, she just started balling her eyes out because she was so happy. They sat there and took it all in. He then told Brooke that they had to go back and get ready because he had the whole day planned. They showed up to one of their favorite brunch spots and his whole family was waiting. Later in the day they spent it with Brooke’s family and friends. It was one of the best days ever.



Brooke and Mike’s wedding was November 3rd 2017 at the Coto Valley country club in California.


Brookes favorite memory of the wedding was walking down the isle & gearing her husband’s vows. They were so heartfelt. The whole night to me was just so memorable!




Another favorite memory of Brooke’s was her Dad had Bob Carlile come in person and sing his song butterfly kisses for their dance.



Brooke bought her dress from Mary Me Bridal. Orange, California. marymebridal.com

Brookes dress was the first of five dresses that she tried on. Brooke fell in love right away! she tried the other dresses on and Brooke just wanted to put the first one back on. It was so elegant but also sexy at the same time! It had everything Brooke was looking for and more!

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