A love story featuring OUR Bride in OUR Dresses


How Mackenzie met her significant other Jeremy was when they were set up on a blind date by a mutual friend named Jake. Jake asked both of them if they would be willing to trust him with a setup. Mackenzie figured, what’s one more random date? She has nothing to lose! Jake gave Jeremy Mackenzie’s number and Jeremy texted Mackenzie to see if she would be interested in meeting. They planned to meet at a Starbucks that night when Mackenzie got off of a 12-hour shift at the hospital. They easily talked for hours and Jeremy eagerly asked her if she would want to meet him again that week. Of course, Mackenzie said yes, and the rest is history!


How Jeremy popped the big and exciting question to Mackenzie was Jeremy completely surprised Mackenzie with a proposal the weekend after Valentine’s Day on February 17, 2017. They had planned to go on a fancy dinner date to celebrate their first Valentine’s Day together. Mackenzie was excited because she had a new dress to wear for it, and what girl doesn’t love to get glammed up? Jeremy picked Mackenzie up and they had a lovely dinner with a beautiful view overlooking the city of Pittsburgh, PA. Mackenzie thought their evening was done, but it was an unusually mild February day so Jeremy suggested a walk to a city overlook on Mt. Washington. They walked onto the overlook and gazed at the city for a few minutes. Jeremy said “let’s have someone take our picture since we were all dressed up”. Jeremy handed his camera over to a lady and she took their picture. Then kept taking pictures as Jeremy turned Mackenzie towards him, said some heart melting words, and got down on one knee. He proposed and Mackenzie said yes! Mackenzie was so surprised she was in total shock! The women taking their pictures turned out to be someone Jeremy knew and had asked to hide out to capture the moment. Then Jeremy said let’s go back to Mackenzie’s parents house to share the happy news! When they got there, they knocked on the door to be met by Mackenzie’s Mom who was so excited and said “let’s show your dad!” When Mackenzie’s Mom brought them into the kitchen, all of their close friends and Jeremy’s parents jumped out and yelled SURPRISE!!! They had secretly planned an engagement party for them!! Best surprise of my life!


Jeremy and Mackenzie’s wedding was September 24, 2017 at took place at Rustic Acres Farm in Volant, PA under a beautiful willow tree! Their reception was in their gorgeous barn. Breathtaking setting!



Mackenzie’s favourite memory of their wedding was during their reception Taylor Swift’s song Look What You Made Me Do came on and they all started a guy vs girl dance battle. It turned into this amazing, hysterical, nod to the music video, seemingly choreographed dance that will rank as a top 10 moment of Mackenzie’s life. “I have the best friends!”


Where Mackenzie bought her wedding dress was from Bridal Beginning in Pittsburgh. They were lovely to work with, and helped Mackenzie find the perfect dress that fit her personal style!



What made Mackenzie fall in love with her Calla Blanche Dress for her special day was that It was the second dress Mackenzie tried on and it gave her that happy, warm and fuzzy, wow factor, but Mackenzie didn’t want to admit that it was the one after trying two dresses on. After trying on a bunch, nothing came close to how it made her feel when Mackenzie had it on! It was elegant, classic, vintage, with just a touch of sexy. Mackenzie fell in love with the train and back detail. The sample size fit Mackenzie perfectly so she knew it was just made for her! On Mackenzie’s wedding day, everyone loved the dress! They said they had never seen a dress like it! Mackenzie wishes that she had another occasion to wear it!


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