A love story featuring OUR Brides in OUR Dresses!


Marla and her now husband went to the same high school and were introduced to each other through mutual friends. They drifted apart over the years, that is until fate brought them back together via a yoga class!


Marla adores beaches and that is where her significant other decided to completely surprise her with a beautiful proposal.


Their wedding took place on December 2 nd , 2017 at One North on Long Island, NY.



Marla looks back on the day fondly and says it was just perfect as they were surrounded by their families and best friends. She remembers just feeling so much LOVE in the air!



Marla bought her beautiful Calla Blanche wedding dress from Bridal Reflections in Massapequa, New York



She had tried on various dresses before but what really sealed the deal when it came to the Calla Blanche were the pockets! (It’s always the little things that matter the most.)


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