A love story featuring OUR Brides in OUR Dresses!

Mike and Lindsay met while they were working together at a bakery, where Lindsay was a cake decorator and Mike was the manager. Lindsay had liked Mike, but kept it to herself because she didn’t want to mess up the work dynamics, until Mike asked Lindsay out.


How Mike popped the big and exciting question to Lindsay was on beautiful snowy morning where the two of them took their dog Roxy for a walk in the snow. Mike got down on one knee and asked Lindsay to marry him. It was so beautiful and intimate, the 3 of them getting to revel in this moment!


Lindsay and Mike’s wedding took place on November 10th, 2017 at an intimate farm to table restaurant & inn, Crabtree’s Kittle House in Chappaqua, NY






Lindsay’s favorite memories of her wedding was the beautiful ceremony, which Lindsay’s brother officiated that made it more personal and intimate. Another favorite part of Lindsay’s wedding was the entry into their reception. Mike and Lindsay are both really big Rangers fans, so they entered in with the ranger’s goal song.


Mike and Lindsay omitted many old traditions because they didn’t want to break up the vibe of the night, and wanted to have everyone on the dance floor for as long as possible! Mike and Lindsay had such a blast dancing their hearts out with everyone!




Lindsay purchased her CallaBlanche Dress from Jaehee Bridal Atelier in Englewood, NJ


What made Lindsay fall in love with her Calla Blanche Dress was the combination of soft, romantic and elegant with the right amount of sexy that Lindsay wanted. Lindsay also wanted something very different, unlike the same wedding dresses that everyone wears!


Jaehee did an amazing custom back on the dress for Lindsay.



Photo cred: Alicia King Photography


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