A love story featuring OUR Brides in OUR Dresses!


Christina had always wanted a magical proposal. And Brandon knew just the perfect place to make that happen. One day, they were at Disney World when it was almost time for the fireworks. Brandon suggested watching the fireworks display near the castle
and Christina went along. Just as the glittering fireworks ended, Christina looked at Brandon and found him on one knee, ready to pop the question!


Christina and Brandon’s got married on November 24th, 2017 at Giorgio’s in Baiting Hollow. Christina says that it is a wonderful place located on the eastern end of Long Island and has a lush green golf course on one side and water on the other.


She got her stunning Calla Blanche dress from RK Bridal and there’s an amazing story about how she actually found her wedding dress.





Christina remembers that she had arrived early to the store as the store did not take appointments. The sweet lady in the store let them in a few minutes before opening time. Since they were short of employees that day, the lady suggested that Christina take a walk around and have a look at the dresses. She also asked her to take pictures of any tags on the dresses she wanted to try on. Christina was so excited that she had already done her research online before going to the store. So, she hardly took time to find those dresses in the store.


After she had picked her dresses, she was just looking around the store while waiting to be called for fittings. That’s when she stumbled across a satin-looking dress that was the perfect combination of simple and sexy. She felt instinctively drawn to the gorgeous rhinestone work in the back, so Christina took a picture of the tag as well. The tag had Calla Blanche written on it.


Christina started trying on the 6-7 dresses she had picked before but none of them felt right. And the Calla Blanche was on her mind every time she slipped into a new dress. That’s when she decided to try the Calla Blanche dress and immediately knew that she
had found the one! Christina was happy to also see that her mom and future mother-in-law agreed.


Christina had ordered her dress from RK Bridal www.rkbridal.com


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