A love story featuring OUR Brides in OUR Dresses!


Diandra and Sam were set up by Sam’s parents. They thought that Diandra was a sweet and charming girl and would be a perfect companion for their son. When Diandra agreed to meet Sam, they had their fingers crossed. And, it worked! Sam and Diandra loved each other’s company and began dating.



On August 18 th , 2016, Sam and Diandra were heading to Newport for a date night. Sam suggested a stop by Beavertail Light House to catch the sunset and watch the full moon rise. Diandra readily agreed as she just adores the moon. As they were talking and laughing, Sam picked a perfect moment, took Diandra’s hand, and got down on one knee. He proceeded to look her in the eyes and asked Diandra to spend the rest of her life with him. They celebrated with dinner at the Clarke Cooke House. (We’re sure Sam’s parents were celebrating too!)


Having been born and raised in Rhode Island Diandra always dreamed of a Newport wedding, since their engagement began on the cliffs of Jamestown it seemed to all perfectly add up. The first venue they looked at was OceanCliff Hotel & Resort, they booked it the same exact afternoon.




Diandra and Sam said their vows on September 17 th , 2017. Her favorite memory from their wedding was when they walked down the aisle as husband and wife and Diandra’s 8-year-old son came running down into the arms of her husband, Sam. There was so much raw emotion in that moment that there wasn’t a dry eye around.


Diandra bought her Calla Blanche dress from Alexandra’s Bridal Boutique in New Bedford, MA.




What made Diandra fall in love with her Calla Blanche dress was that after trying on a bunch of dresses, she was getting tired of not being able to find the perfect one. The Calla Blanche was the last dress she tried on because the embellished top had caught her eye. She says that between all the sparkles, the full skirt, the train, the whimsical look of the tulle and the sexy, sheer design of the bodice, Diandra knew that she had found the one!


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